New book titles July 2012

Straight talk : oral communication for career success / Paul R. Timm and Sherron Bienvenu.

Contents – Introduction to the strategic communication model: discover a strategic approach — Understand and apply foundation skills for speaking well — Define the context before speaking or participating — Consider media, source, and timing options — Select and organize you message content — Deliver your message with confidence and impact — Create attractive and functional visuals — Contribute to effective meetings — Participate in effective conversations and interviews — Evaluate feedback needed for continued success.   2011,   GIB 658.452 TIMM

Chinnovation : how Chinese innovators are changing the world / Yinglan Tan

Summary It is widely-believed that China’s entrepreneur class has grown and their businesses are succeeding primarily due to their knowledge of the domestic market, quick adaptation market changes, and their resourcefulness. But innovation? Forget about it. — Well, not quite. — 2011,   GIB 338.040951 TAN

Stakeholder theory : impact and prospects / edited by Robert A. Phillips.

Summary  Honoring the twenty-fifth anniversary of R. Edward Freeman’s Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach, one of the most influential books in the history of business strategy and ethics, this work assembles a collection of contributions from some of the most renowned and widely-cited scholars working in the area of stakeholder scholarship today. The analyses collected here comment on the impact Freeman’s book – and stakeholder theory more generally – has had upon the fields of management and organizational ethics. This study also includes an original response from Freeman himself. As the conversation about stakeholders hits its academic and popular stride, this timely volume provides both a retrospective of stakeholder theory’s history as well as a guide to the questions that are likely to emerge during the next quarter century, providing a new foundation for future theory and practice. This book will be an indispensable resource for any serious scholar working in the area of stakeholder theory. Additionally, because the language of managing stakeholder relationships is becoming increasingly popular, practicing executives and NGO members will find this an exceptional and informative reference.–publisher description.  2011, GIB 174.4 STAKEHOLDER 

The chief HR officer : defining the new role of human resource leaders / editors: Patrick M. Wright … [et al.].

Summary  “Through the insights of some of the country’s most successful CHROs, the authors reveal to current and aspiring CHROs what they should consider in the new and challengingly field of HR. It shows the next generation of leaders how to best prepare themselves for the top roles that they aspire to. In a version of, “if I only knew then what I know now”, this book provides real world insight and pragmatic suggestions that will improve the aspiring CHRO’s chances for success in one of the most demanding executive roles in the corporate world today”–.  2011,  GIB 658.3 CHIEF

Value investing : tools and techniques for intelligent investment / James Montier.

Contents  Why everything you learned in business school is wrong — The behavioural foundations of value investing — The philosophy of value investing — The empirical evidence — The ‘dark side’ of value investing : short selling — Real-time value investing.      GIB 332.6 MONTIER

Understanding Michael Porter : the essential guide to competition and strategy / Joan Magretta.

Summary  Examines and explains the revolutionary business frameworks of Michael Porter, with examples to illustrate and update Porter’s ideas for achieving and sustaining competitive success.  2012,  GIB 658.4012 MAGRETTA

A random walk down Wall Street : the time-tested strategy for successful investing / Burton G. Malkiel.

Summary  An informative guide to financial investment discusses the current high-tech boom, explains how to maximize gains and minimize losses, and examines a broad spectrum of financial opportunities, from mutual funds to real estate to gold.    GIB 332.601519282 MALKIEL

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