Best for the World: the ranking that companies are queuing up to earn

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It’s not all about money says Oliver Balch. The number of corporations interested in benefiting society as well as their shareholders is growing

KISs @GIBS‘s insight:

truly ‘love your neighbour’ – "

Best for the world

CHCA’s people-centric business model has earned it a new moniker, as a "Best for the World" company. The US home care agency is one of 67 firms that find their way on to a list of private-sector change-makers. Other notable examples include an Afghan telecoms company, a US community development bank and experiential travel company from Tanzania.

Released today, the B Corp Best for the World List is the creation of B Lab, a US non-profit whose stated goal is to serve "a global movement of entrepreneurs using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems". The result is a network of so-called B Corp companies. Launched seven years ago, the B Corporation movement of companies wishing to benefit society as well as their shareholders now counts 728 certified firms in 26 countries across 60 industries. Each is obliged to submit an impact assessment, with the top 10% making it on to the Best for the World List."

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