UK threatens firms with gender quotas as women’s appointments fall

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SPECIAL REPORT [1] / The British government, which has staunchly opposed
EU efforts to set gender quotas for corporate management, has warned it
could introduce quotas if British companies fail to appoint more women to
their boards.

KISs @GIBS‘s insight:

Ackn. Euractiv – "Cable said UK ministers continued to believe a voluntary led approach was the best way to bring equality, but threatened companies with "tougher measures" – and quotas – to force women on to boards if firms would not appoint them voluntarily.

Reding proposed legislative action on gender quotas for corporate boards after her calls to take voluntary steps to increase the number of women on boards to 40% by 2020 failed to deliver tangible results (see background).

Her draft directive set the objective of achieving 40% women in non-executive board-member positions in publicly listed companies, with the exception of small and medium enterprises."

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