Improved mobility boosts South Africa’s GDP | ITWeb

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A small improvement in the mobility of labour, information and knowledge could potentially result in an increase in the average GDP per capita in SA.

This is according to a recent study commissioned by Citrix in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), which was based on experiences and evidence from a survey of 140 countries.

According to the study, an increase of just 5% in the mobility of workforces, information and knowledge, through improved transport links across SA and a better broadband and mobile communications infrastructure, could mean the average GDP per capita in SA increases by 40% – from R10 500 to R14 670 per year.

Speaking during a media briefing yesterday, Adrian Saville, author of the study and professor at GIBS, said mobility can also drive down unemployment, from 23.5% to 13.5%.

“Mobility is an incredible catalyst for economic growth. Even modest improvements in labour mobility – which can be achieved by improved public transport or technologies such as super-fast broadband and a 4G infrastructure – can add several percentage points to GDP growth. This in turn will reduce specific skills shortages, raising entrepreneurial activity and redressing information gaps,” said Saville.

Also speaking at the event, Sean Wainer, country manager for Citrix in southern Africa, said technology plays an important role in boosting mobility, including that of people and information.

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