How mobile technology is transforming Africa –

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Rudy de Waele, CEO of Nyota Media. You can follow him as @mtrends on Twitter.

I started investigating mobile in Africa early 2010, which resulted …

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ICT –  “Here are some examples:

  • Local entrepreneurs who use a human-powered power cycle to charge their battery-powered lights charge Nuru lights from village to village in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Cameroon.
  • Angaza Design, based in Palo Alto, developed a pay-as-you-go technology platform using solar panels to provide energy to charge mobile phones in rural villages via SMS or local mobile money transfers. They are currently operating in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. The company claims that solar lighting and phone charging is now cheaper than buying a liter of kerosene.
  • M-KOPA Solar provides affordable solar-powered lighting and mobile charging to rural Kenyans on a pay-as-you-go basis, with payment via M-PESA. The company, established in 2011, is now actively providing affordable solar power to over 15,000 Kenyan households and adding close to 1,000 more every week. The M-KOPA team includes founders and senior management from the Vodafone and Safaricom award winning M-PESA service, and a team of Kenyan and international staff with extensive backgrounds in software development, distribution, finance and customer care.
  • BuffaloGrid is a UK-based research project which enables rural villagers to recharge their phones through a network of local agents. These local entrepreneurs drive around on bicycles from village to village while recharging their customer’s phone charger. The project has been tested in Uganda and Ghana.”

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