Solutions Forum Cheat Sheet: The Making of Inclusive Economies

Ashoka Summer Associates Jenny Weber (@JennyWeber0) and Stephanie Van Dyke (@Steph_VanDyke) reflect on the Ashoka Solutions Forum: The Making of Inclusive Economies, held last month in Saint Paul, MN, with support from the Bush Foundation.

GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight:


“…many social innovators and businesses working on changing financial systems to build a more inclusive economy.  Ashoka Fellow Michael Turner is challenging the assumptions of traditional credit reporting through his work at the Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC).  PERC, a leader in financial innovation and a self-proclaimed “think-and-do tank,” is taking on the research of alternative data as well as advocating for its inclusion into credit assessment. Turner’s idea is to include alternative data, such as cell phone, utility, and rent payments, in the credit-building equation so that banks and credit bureaus will be able to obtain a more complete picture of an individual’s financial responsibility and serve those who are excluded from the financial system.”

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