New Titles GIBS IC

New Titles GIBS IC

Globalization of management education : changing international structures, adaptive strategies, and the impact on institutions : report of the AACSB International Globalization of Management   Education Task Force / [AACSB International ].  /ADD.  AUTHOR   AACSB International. Globalization of Management Education Task Force.  2011   NOTES  Rarely, if ever, have business schools experienced change as far-reaching and powerful as during the current wave of globalization. Understanding these changes, and their implications, was the charge given to an AACSB Task Force on     Globalization of Management Education. In this comprehensive  report, the task force explores broad globalization trends in management education that command the attention of any  individual or institution striving to navigate in today’s  environment. Then, by exploring individual business school strategies, it provides valuable insights into how business s chools can and should respond. The report aims to encourage and guide business schools to embrace globalization in ways  that are mission-appropriate, manageable given available resources, and meaningful to the stakeholders being served. For organizations serving business schools, it will be a catalyst for action that elevates and improves business schools’ capabilities. Readers will be left with the conviction that great  opportunities exist for business schools to move from keeping pace with the sweeping changes of globalization, to  leading the way.  –  ISBN   085724941X   –  GIB 658.0071 GLOBALIZATION

Extreme productivity : boost your results, reduce your hours /  Robert C. Pozen. –   ISBN 9780062188533  –   GIB 658.314 POZEN

How will you measure your life? / Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth,  Karen Dillon  – NOTES  Just because you have feathers — Finding happiness in your career. What makes us tick ; The balance of calculation and  serendipity ; Your strategy is not what you say it is —  Finding happiness in your relationships. The ticking clock ; What job did you hire that milkshake for? ; Sailing your kids on Theseus’s ship ; The schools of experience ; The invisible hand inside your family — Staying out of jail. Just this once. – –  ISBN 9780062206190  –  GIB 158.1 CHRISTENSEN

Wait : the art and science of delay / Frank Partnoy. NOTES  Hearts and minds — Presents information from scientific studies and interviews with experts in several fields that suggests that delaying responses  when making a decision can improve the decision quality, even in situations where time is in short supply. – ISBN   1610390040 –  GIB 153.83 PARTNOY

The click moment : seizing opportunity in an unpredictable world / Frans Johansson.  NOTES  The Click Moment is about two very simple but highly provocative  ideas. The first is that success is random-far more random than we would like to believe. The second is that there are a number  of specific actions that we, as individuals and organizations,               can take to capture this randomness and focus it in our favor.   Johansson uses stories of successful people and companies  throughout history to illustrate the specific actions we can take to create more click moments, place lots of high-potential bets, open ourselves up to chance encounters, and harness the complex forces of success that follow.  –  ISBN   9781591844938.  –    GIB 650.1 JOHANSSON


Qualitative interviewing : the art of hearing data / Herbert J. Rubin, Irene S. Rubin.  – CONTENT – Designing Main Questions and Probes —  Preparing Follow-Up  ,  Questions —  Variants of the Responsive Interviewing Model —  Data Analysis in the Responsive Interviewing Model —  Sharing the Results —  Personal Reflections on Responsive              Interviewing.  –  ISBN    9781412978378 –   GIB 001.433 RUBIN

Rippling : how social entrepreneurs spread innovation throughout the world / Beverly Schwartz ; foreword by Bill Drayton.  NOTES Drawing on the knowledge and experience of working with hundreds [of] the world’s top social change leaders in all fields, Beverly Schwartz presents a model for change based on five proven principles that any individual leader or organization can apply to bring about deep, lasting and systematic change. Rippling shows how to activate the type of change that is  needed to address the critical challenges that threaten to destroy the foundations of our society and planet in these increasingly turbulent times”   ISBN –   9781118138595  –    GIB 338.04 SCHWARTZ

The world we want : new dimensions in philanthropy and social change / Peter Karoff with Jane Maddox.  ISBN  9780759110489.   GIB 303.4 KAROFF

Critical reading and writing for postgraduates / Mike Wallace and  Alison Wray.   NOTES Focusing on critical reading and self-critical writing, this book is suitable for postgraduate students and early-career  academics. It contains tools for analysing texts and structuring critical reviews, and incorporates exercises and  worked examples drawn from the social sciences.  ISBN   9781849205627  –  GIB 808.0427 WALLACE

Spreadable media : creating value and meaning in a networked culture / Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, & Joshua Green.  NOTES  Where Web 2.0 went wrong — Reappraising the residual — The value of media engagement — What constitutes meaningful participation? — Designing for spreadability — Courting supporters for independent media — Thinking transnationally. –  ISBN  9780814743508  –   GIB 302.23 JENKINS

Left behind : Latin America and the false promise of populism /  Sebastian Edwards.    NOTES   Sebastian Edwards explains why the nations of Latin America have failed to share in the fruits of globalization and forcefully  highlights the dangers of the recent turn to economic populism in the region.  ISBN   9780226004662   – GIB 330.98 EDWARDS

Making good : finding meaning, money, and community in a changing world / Billy Parish and Dev Aujla.  NOTES   As we emerge from the recession, a generation is searching for practical answers about how to succeed and make positive change in the world. With real-life success stories and practical advice and exercises, this book outlines how to find           opportunities to effect change and make money. These opportunities are not just for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies: the book shows step-by-step how any person can achieve financial autonomy, capitalize on global changes to infrastructure, and learn from everyday success stories, providing the skills and insights this generation needs to      succeed and build careers and lives of consequence. This book culls the knowledge that has allowed the authors to build thriving, meaningful careers into a guide to success for the Facebook generation.  –  ISBN NO   9781605290782   –  GIB 303.4 PARISH

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