“Africa Hasn’t Risen Yet” / Dr. Kingsley C Moghalu

Dr. Kingsely C. Moghalu, deputy governor of the Nigerian Central Bank recently unveiled his latest book, Emerging Africa: How the Global Economy’s ‘Last Frontier’ Can Prosper and Matter at the Wood…

GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight:

Africa rising?  –  

”  He talks about a whole lot of things: economic and structural transformation, the imperative of taking the industrialisation- and manufacturing-route to economic development, rather than simply focusing only on services-led development, economic diversification from resource-based economies and so on.   –    The one thing I can say for now is that based on Moghalu’s track record as a respected academic, an influential policy maker within Nigeria and a development expert at the global level — a person in-the-know — he ought to be taken seriously by Africans and friends of Africa.”

See on zainabusman.wordpress.com

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