There’s a Generation Gap in Your Workplace

Baby Boomers and Gen X employees are distinctly less engaged than others — and they make up 88% of the U.S. workforce. Here’s what to do about this problem.

GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight:

Boomers, Gen X + Millennials:  “For Baby Boomer employees, as well as Generation Xers, engagement is connected to having a strong sense of their company’s mission and purpose. Businesses that can find ways to help them understand and embody what their company stands for — and what it means to them personally — will keep them engaged or increase their engagement.   

The mobile workforce: Millennials  –  Millennials — the first to come of age in a culture saturated with mobile technology and social media — are reportedly changing the marketplace and workplace. Millennials are generally more upbeat about all aspects of engagement than are Baby Boomers or members of Generation X, but Millennials are specifically more positive about growth and development opportunities.   –  And Millennials seem to be more mobile than workers in other generations in one other important way. Despite their higher engagement levels, they are particularly prone to job hopping. Millennials are the most likely of all generations to say they will leave their company in the next 12 months if the job market improves.

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