Africa in the Limelight – African Development Bank, Africa Water Week

Thousands of the world’s government representatives, water experts and industry leaders gathered in Stockholm from September 1-6, 2013 for World…

GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight:

Africa, water –  “Africa is crossed by a complex network of 60 river basins which altogether contain 93 per cent of its surface water. And the continent’s hydrological legacy is such that all countries share at least one of these river basins, with 13 shared by more than five riparian states. Adding to this, Africa is home to 38 transboundary aquifers containing very high volumes of water, particularly in North Africa.   –   Yet, despite the vast quantities of water, less than five per cent of Africa’s surface and ground water is harnessed and fully utilized. Making better use of the precious 95 per cent left untapped will be critical to ensure Africa’s future development.

The level of investment needed to finance the necessary water  infrastructure for extraction, storage and distribution will be substantial; currently estimated at a conservative US $50 billion per year over the next 20 years.”

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