Search Engines for the Physical World: The Future of Search Technology in an Increasingly Transparent World | World Future Society

GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight:

SEO, search-tech: “Next Generation Search Tools

Online search technology has framed much of our thinking around our ability to find things. In general, if it’s not digital and online, it’s not findable.  –  However tools like Google Glass and flying drones add many more dimensions to existing search algorithms.

In the near-term future most advances will be focused on furthering our understanding of the inquiry-results relationship, making it more personal so our inquiries don’t need to be so exacting and precise to get the answers we’re looking for. According to Google Senior VP and Fellow Amit Singhal:

  • Search will become far more personal, and Google will be able to know what you’re looking for based on who you are.
  • Search engines will not only find, but interpret what they find by generating their own algorithms.
  • Advances in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding will result in deeper descriptions and understanding of web pages.
  • Answers, not links, will become more prevalent.
  • Search will do things, rather than simply suggest things.
  • Our digital lives will be combined into one searchable platform.”

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