Learning to Learn: fighting cognitive biases

Critical thinking is an increasingly important skill that has been overlooked by many as information becomes more accessible and superfluous.

GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight:

5 cognitive biases :

Becoming this “thought leader,” if you will, is beneficial in many ways, including the ability to gain the trust of those with whom you wish to connect as well as the authority in the space in which you have established your expertise.   –   While it’s not possible to go through a list of each possible cognitive bias with each of life’s decisions, it is possible to take a few actions and train our brains to overcome these phenomena on a more general level. Here’s an investigative list of 5 cognitive biases and suggestions on how to fight them.

  • The Backfire Effect – the rejection of evidence that contradicts your point of view.
  • The Hard-Easy Bias – the pattern of overconfidence in easy situations and under confidence in difficult situations.
  • Irrational Escalation – compounding a bad investment, because “it’s already bad.”
  • The Observer-Expectancy Effect – when expectations influence outcome.
  • Reactance – the desire to do the opposite of what you’re asked or advised, simply to prove your freedom of choice.
  • Bias Blind Spot – not recognizing the existence of cognitive biases.

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