Authoritative web resources

Did you know the GIBS Information Centre has created an application, with the help of Pearltrees, that links you to authoritative websites?  No??  You have to visit our web resources page for a closer view.

You will find information on

  • Business schools,
  • South Africa,
    • Statistics
    • Insurance industry
    • Mining industry
    • Banking industry
    • Labour
    • HIV/Aids
    • BEE
    • Economy
    • Trade
  • Emerging markets,
    • Asia
    • Latin America
    • Africa
  • Research data
    • Country related data
    • Census data
    • Commodities
    • Cities
    • Private infrastructure
    • Privatization
    • Food and Agriculture
    • Labour
    • Transport
    • Data search engines
  • Working papers
  • Reference sources
  • Business models
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability (Green)
  • Women in business
  • Entrepreneurship

Suggestions are always welcome.



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