Staplercide! The senseless murder of the Library Stapler

On a recent visit to leading Business School Libraries in the United States, I could not help but smile at their rows of staplers lining the reference desks.  It felt like home. We were not alone.


Harvard Business School Library – Staples Reading Room


Columbia Business School Watson Library 











GIBS Information Centre


This morning I got this article in my Inbox – Staplercide! by Jason Vance.  Well worth a read – gives good insight (with a smile) into the life cycle of the stapler and student behavior. I was rather surprised to read the students at Indiana University Law library using their feet to get staples through thick packs (this happened in 2000 – maybe they’ve evolved).  Why I was surprised, I don’t know, because our students are not far off – our staplers usually get attacked with fists.

Long live the Library Stapler!!!!


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