6 Most Compelling Qualities Of Digitally Transformed Enterprises (Forbes)

In their recent analysis published by the Harvard Business School, a team led by HBS professor Linda Hill canvassed business leaders across the globe, identifying their hopes and aspirations when it came to digital transformation. The study was conducted with the Harvard Business School Global Research Centers and Salesforce’s Ignite team, involving roundtable discussions and a survey with more than 1,500 senior executives. There’s no question that digital transformation is the order of the day: 97 percent of respondents saw digital transformation as the key to remaining competitive in the 2020s. They ranked the following qualities as most critical to succeeding in the digital era. Data informed decision-making was cited by 61%, followed by customer focus at 55%, cross-functional collaboration with 51%, and continuous learning at 44%. It’s notable that there’s a significant segment of these leaders — about half — who do not yet see these initiatives as priorities. Click here to read full article.