South Africa: Want to Get More Women to Start Their Own Businesses? Here’s What It Takes (AllAfrica)

Globally, men are twice as likely as women to start a business. Most research into how to start a business has been focused on men. Not much has looked at why women are not fully represented among entrepreneurs or how to change this. Yet it’s known that women entrepreneurs play an important role as leaders of entrepreneurial teams who contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction. Research shows that women in South Africa are less likely to consider starting a business than men. They are also significantly less likely to act on their entrepreneurial intentions. One reason could be the lack of entrepreneurial competencies and the extent to which women have “prior exposure to business”. My research set out to investigate the relationship between prior entrepreneurial exposure and entrepreneurial action. In other words, whether women who came from a business environment where they were exposed to prior entrepreneurial experience were more likely to start their own business. This included “shadowing” an entrepreneur, having entrepreneurial parents, working in an entrepreneurial business before starting your own or having entrepreneurial role models. Click here to read full article