The global economic outlook is getting cloudier, not clearer (MW)

Welcome to September, the start of spring in the southern hemisphere but the start of autumn in the north. While August was named after the first Roman emperor Augustus, September refers to the Latin word for ‘seven’. In the old Roman calendar, it was the seventh month. In the modern Gregorian calendar, it is the ninth month, but the name never changed. If that sounds a bit confusing, perhaps it is apt. The world is a confusing place at the moment, and the global economic outlook is getting cloudier, not clearer.The last week or so saw a broad sell-off across global bonds, credit, equities, and property. Commodity prices are also lower across a broad front, but natural gas and coal prices remain very high. The main reason for this is renewed signs of slowdown in China and Europe, even as central bankers continue to pile on the pressure. Click here to read full article