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Impact of information on our daily lives

New 12 technologies that are improving at insane speeds

New 12 Technologies That Are Improving At Insane Speeds – Stephen’s Lighthouse. This is definitely worth a look.  Things are happening fast and are we equiped for the change?

The information overload and your brain [Infographic]

Thank you to Stephen Abrams who has the ability to sniff out interesting infographics.  The lastest one (produced by is on how digital stress affects your brain.

How much data is created every minute of the day? [INFORGRAPHIC]

It is time again for some interesting inforgraphics.  Our infographic post series starts with an infographic on how much data gets generated every minute of the day through various channels.    For interest sake, I am also including an infographic from 2010.        

Reigning in the information deluge

Information overload has definitely become the Hot Topic of the moment.  As more and more data, information and knowledge gets created, the more we as humans struggle to process the deluge. The infographic from Mindjet is another brilliant representation of information overload and how to possibly overcome it Source:

Managing the information avalanche

This is one of those post that gets carried over and over and over.  The original article was written by Ron Ashkenas for the HBR Blog Network and I just found an abbreviated version of it on Stephen Abram’s blog. If is maybe because of the relevance of the topic – we live in a […]
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Information overload is hurting productivity

or just ask your Librarian or Information professional

Tagxedo – creative tag clouds

Following on from a post from iLibrarian, I discovered this very creative tag cloud creator.  It allows you to do amazing things with your words. I typed in this blogs URL, a Tagxedo did the rest.  Of course, some editing is necessary as I did not want all the words on the blog included.  Before […]
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50 Billion things on the Internet by 2020

5 Myths about the ‘Information Age’

By Robert Darnton Confusion about the nature of the so-called information age has led to a state of collective false consciousness. It’s no one’s fault but everyone’s problem, because in trying to get our bearings in cyberspace, we often get things wrong, and the misconceptions spread so rapidly that they go unchallenged. Taken together, they […]
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