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Top 10 emerging technologies 2020 (World Economic Forum)

The World Economic Forum has just published the report: Top 10 Emerging Technologies 2020. Technological advances have always been key agents of change in how we work, interact and live. During the last two decades, the world has witnessed an unprecedent pace of technological innovation in all fields, from computing and artificial intelligence to biotechnology and nanotechnology. These […]
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The global risks report 2020 (WEF) 

The 15th edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report is published as critical risks are manifesting. The global economy is facing an increased risk of stagnation, climate change is striking harder and more rapidly than expected, and a fragmented cyber space threatens the full potential of next generation technologies — all while citizens worldwide protest […]
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Deloitte Alchemy Africa Outlook 2020: What is the outlook for business on the continent in 2020 and beyond? (Deloitte)

This summary report outlines the discussions held at the Deloitte Alchemy Africa Outlook 2020, which focused on the outlook for business on the continent in 2020 and beyond. Themes discussed include: How retail can capture the new emerging African consumer Climate change and what it means for business and companies in Africa Investing for Impact […]
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World Economic Outlook- January 2020 (IMF)

The International Monetary Fund predicts the world economy will strengthen in 2020, albeit at a slightly weaker pace than previously anticipated amid threats related to trade and tensions in the Middle East. Global growth will accelerate this year to 3.3% from 2.9% in 2019, the fund said on Monday. That’s the first pickup in three […]
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Sweden, Germany and France are the EU’s climate leaders, says study

By: Catarina Walsh June 02, 2014 Source: https://www.weforum.org

Why climate change adaptation is key to managing global risks

By: Cecilia Reyes & Regional Chairman of Asia Pacific, Zurich Insurance Group January 14, 2016 Source: http://http://www.weforum.org  

Which countries generate the most power from renewables ( World Economic Forum)

By: Paul Muggeridge Source: http://wef.ch/1eLRZec June 22, 2015

Mountains that change the world (Economist.com)

Source: http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21647958-two-hundred-years-ago-most-powerful-eruption-modern-history-made-itself-felt-around

Afrographique (Infographic depicting the largest CO2 emittions)

Data from the World Bank. Source: afrographique.tumblr.com