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GIBS case studies

GIBS faculty produce a number of teaching case studies covering diverse subjects on a yearly basis. Dr Caren Scheepers, with Natalie van der Veen, recently published a case study on Unilever.  The focus of the case study was on contextual leadership and how to embed a  culture of inclusive growth.  The title of the case […]
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U.S. Investments Surge For African Tech Entrepreneurs | TechCrunch

From the largest technology companies to early stage investors, American high tech companies and venture capitalists are increasingly supporting startups.. GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight: Dynamic markets – “And Africa’s community of entrepreneurs is only growing. Those IBM Innovation Centers in Lagos and Casablanca will give founders of new tech companies access to IBM technology […]
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Index examines SA stagnation – Citizen

CitizenIndex examines SA stagnationCitizenAccording to the inaugural Gibs Dynamic Market Index (DMI), countries like Botswana and Mauritius have performed markedly better. GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight: GIBS DMI – South Africa’s 2006 score was 114.89. It’s final DMI score is 68.81. See on

Five Steps to Increase Retention

GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight: Student retention rates – Know the Profile of your Student Establish a Communication Plan Simplify and Front-Load Communication Use Emerging Technology Include Research and Reality See on

The role and place of the academic is changing – and it’s a good thing ?

I became an academic to make a difference not build a career, says Alex Hope – flexibility of employment is the future GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight: Academic ‘career’ – “I suspect that the academic of the future will not be tied to an institution but be a thought leader, communicator and teacher undertaking […]
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Tips for new MBAs

This week sees the start of the LEAD programme for all our 2014.15 MBAs.    The first group (in total 7 groups) is an enthusiastic and energetic bunch of people ready to tackle the next two years. This got me thinking.  Year on year students stumble over what we see as minor stumbling block.  I […]
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To the brainy, the spoils

See on – Business education ELITE management consultancies shun the spotlight. They hardly advertise: everyone who might hire them already knows their names. The Manhattan office that houses… KISs @GIBS‘s insight: ”  . . . The leading three strategy consultancies have seen years of double-digit growth despite global economic gloom. In 2011, the last year […]
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EFMD and AACSB Announce Strategic Alliance Agreement

See on – Business education @GIBS EFMD and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), two of the most influential voices in management education, have joined together for a second strategic alliance agreement, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of … KISs @GIBS‘s insight: AACSB – “a management education voice” See on […]
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Are baby boomers more entrepreneurial than Gen Y? | SmartPlanet

See on – WorldOfWork Are Gen-Y really more entrepreneurial than their predecessors? KISs @GIBS‘s insight: Ackn. Smartplanet  " A new study released by Millennial Branding and found that 41 percent of Gen X employees — those between 30-49 years of age — and 45 percent of baby boomers — aged between 50-69 years […]
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Brazil: Confronting the Productivity Challenge

See on – Business education @GIBS Brazil must improve productivity to meet its aspiration of growing GDP by more than 4 percent annually. Companies must decide where to “play” and adjust accordingly. KISs @GIBS‘s insight: BRICS and emerging economies – Ackn. bcg  "  as Brazil closes penetration gaps with developed economies in several categories, […]
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