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7 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Pinterest

See on – GIBSIccURATION Have you made any of these mistakes? If so, you’re not benefitting from Pinterest as much you could be. KISs @GIBS‘s insight: dont forget to pin, your audience, the competition .. . . See on

The 12 Best Twitter Tutorial Videos of All-time

See on – GIBSIccURATION Are you looking to learn more about the social network Twitter? Lots of helpful guides exist, but we’ve rounded up the most popular Twitter video tutorials ever all right here for your viewing pleasure. See on

Who are the class of 2015?

The Google+ cheat sheet [PIC]

    Already using Google+? Follow Mashable News for the latest about the platform’s new features, tips and tricks as well as our top social media and technology updates. Are you addicted to Google+ like millions of others early adopters? Do you spend your Saturday nights hanging out in Google+ Hangouts? You’re not alone. As […]
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What librarians offer in the social media world

Steve Petersen at the Bivings Report follows up his The Internet has made you an honorary librarian post with this one titled Librarians offer plenty in a social media world. He lists the following ways that librarians and information professionals add value to today’s social Web: Confronting the filters that search engines use to narrow […]
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The history of social media [infographic]

Via InspiredMag. Expand your social media knowledge. via

Blueprint for the perfect blog post [Infographic]