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2020 Global marketing trends (Deloitte)

We are living in an era of unprecedented technological innovation. No matter which era we live in or the technology it brings forth, the human remains constant throughout this relay of revolutions. We set out to explore how brands can navigate the increasingly digitized business, economic, and social environment in a way that helps preserve—and […]
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The world’s best banks: The future of banking is digital after Coronavirus (Forbes Africa)

When Citigroup opened 2020, the most ambitious projects at the $2.2 trillion in assets lender involved major partnerships with technology companies best known for their internet, social media and ecommerce platforms.   In China, nearly 70% of the payments that Citigroup handles for customers are done through AliPay, the payments business spawned by Alibaba. Citigroup’s digital payments […]
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Understanding value in media: Perspectives from consumers and industry (WEF)

“In an age of fake news and misinformation, good quality content is more valuable than ever.” (WEForum) The disruption of the media industry, with the rise of social media, the digitization of content and the increase in mobile consumption has changed traditional funding models beyond recognition. The role of media historically has been central to […]
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One of our best 2016 MBA theses on digitisation

Digitisation of self-service channels in emerging markets as a growth strategy By: Subban Prian 2017 Source:  http://hdl.handle.net/2263/59781 ABSTRACT: A lower cost of acquisition and cost of servicing consumers in emerging markets equates to economic benefit for organisations using digital self-service channels as a platform for consumer engagement. The challenge faced by these companies is the […]
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Avoid these five digital retailing mistakes

By: Prabuddha De, Yu Jeffrey Hu, and Mohammad S. Rahman Source: https://sloanreview.mit.edu In a world where customers are shifting a significant portion of their purchases from off-line to mobile and online channels, the mantra for retailers is to embrace the change and capitalize on the virtues of digital commerce. But rather than haphazardly implementing various website features, […]
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One of our best 2016 MBA theses on transformational leadership

Transformational leadership style : The relationship to companies that are digital leaders By: Truter, Berdine 2017 Source: http://hdl.handle.net/2263/59790 ABSTRACT: The objective of the study was to explore the relationship between companies that are digitally mature and the leadership style of their C-level executives, with a specific focus on transformational leadership. Success in the digital era […]
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What skills does a digital CIO need? (Weforum)

By:  Sudhir Narang October , 2016 Source: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/projects/aligning-for-digital-future/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sm-direct

Will Africa be digitally relevant in the next 10 years?

By: Wayne Houghton April 18, 2016 Source: http://www.cnbcafrica.com

Digital manufacturing: The revolution will be virtualized (Mckinsey.com)

Article by Brian Hartmann, William P. King, and Subu Narayan Quoted synopsis “Explosion in data and new computing capabilities—along with advances in other areas such as artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, additive technology, and human-machine interaction—are unleashing innovations that will change the nature of manufacturing itself. Industry and academic leaders agree that digital-manufacturing technologies will […]
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