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AI: ChatGPT consumes more energy than a traditional Internet search(EN)

Three clicks to write a play or create a website: artificial intelligence systems (AI) may seem like magic, but their functions aren’t environmentally neutral. They’re intensive consumers of water and electricity. AIs don’t drink water, but data centers, where artificial intelligence systems are trained, use a lot of it to cool their servers. This is […]
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South Africa’s energy crisis catalyses the local energy transition (EN)

On February 9, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a “state of disaster” over his country’s crippling power shortages, saying they posed an existential threat to the economy and social fabric. He pledged to end the energy crisis that threatens economic and political stability. Renewable energy: a solution to mitigate the energy crisis Loadshedding is a well-known phrase among South Africa’s population. […]
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Green hydrogen: Looming large for Anglo American (MRA)

The project is part of Anglo American’s innovation-led approach to sustainable mining, FutureSmart Mining, which applies innovative thinking and technological advances to address mining’s sustainability challenges. Amplats forms part of the wider Anglo-American group. Hydrogen fuel cells work by combining hydrogen and oxygen in an electromechanical process that generates electricity. The only by product is […]
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The future of energy special report (FT.com)

The Financial Times just released their special report on the future of energy. The report addresses issues such as: Covid-19 and price wars shock US shale production; Life after a $600m gamble on renewables; Biofuels for aviation; Ammonia’s potential for shipping; New power sources as architectural landmarks; and Ending human gluttony for cheap power. Click […]
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Most of the world’s countries could run on 100% renewable energy by 2050, says study

 By: John McKenna September 18, 2017 Source: https://www.weforum.org

Which countries generate the most power from renewables ( World Economic Forum)

By: Paul Muggeridge Source: http://wef.ch/1eLRZec June 22, 2015

How electricity problems are limiting growth in many African countries (Weforum)

By: Omar Mohammed Source: wef.ch/1F84qFP  June 10, 2015

Afrographique (Infographic depicting the largest CO2 emittions)

Data from the World Bank. Source: afrographique.tumblr.com

Africa’s energy gap: confident investors needed

Nigeria has been beloved of investors lately, the accessible face of an irresistible rising demographic in sub-Saharan Africa. But it faces challenges, and none more so than the paucity of its infrastructure. See on blogs.ft.com