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The future of energy special report (FT.com)

The Financial Times just released their special report on the future of energy. The report addresses issues such as: Covid-19 and price wars shock US shale production; Life after a $600m gamble on renewables; Biofuels for aviation; Ammonia’s potential for shipping; New power sources as architectural landmarks; and Ending human gluttony for cheap power. Click […]
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Most of the world’s countries could run on 100% renewable energy by 2050, says study

 By: John McKenna September 18, 2017 Source: https://www.weforum.org

Which countries generate the most power from renewables ( World Economic Forum)

By: Paul Muggeridge Source: http://wef.ch/1eLRZec June 22, 2015

How electricity problems are limiting growth in many African countries (Weforum)

By: Omar Mohammed Source: wef.ch/1F84qFP  June 10, 2015

Afrographique (Infographic depicting the largest CO2 emittions)

Data from the World Bank. Source: afrographique.tumblr.com

Africa’s energy gap: confident investors needed

Nigeria has been beloved of investors lately, the accessible face of an irresistible rising demographic in sub-Saharan Africa. But it faces challenges, and none more so than the paucity of its infrastructure. See on blogs.ft.com