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Family business survey 2021 : From trust to impact (PWC)

The unprecedented, tumultuous events of the past year have presented family businesses with enormous challenges. And although many have demonstrated significant resilience amid the crisis—the rapidly changing state of the world has served as a wake-up call for family business leaders looking towards the future. The 10th PwC Global Family Business Survey, reveal the current […]
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2019/2020 Global entrepreneurship monitor : Family entrepreneurship report (GEM)

Seventy-five percent of entrepreneurs and 81% of established business owners co-own and/or co-manage their businesses with family members. Additionally, 62% of established business owners state that the majority of their current employees are members of their family. These are among the findings of the first 2019/2020 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Family Entrepreneurship Report. Download the GEM […]
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How to ensure your business survives the next generation (Entrepreneur.com)

By: Lisa Evans August 03, 2015 Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/277765 Handing down a family business is a dream of many entrepreneurs who want to see the business they started thrive in the hands of the next generation. But, statistics show that succession can be riddled with challenges. Only about 30 percent of businesses make it to the […]
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The future is rosy (Economist)

Source: econ.st/1G2fXaL April 18, 2015