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New GIBS research article: The influence of female agentic and communal leadership on work engagement: vigour, dedication and absorption. by Robyn Dunlop & Caren Scheepers

The purpose of this study is investigating the influence of leadership on work engagement.The definition of leadership is primarily couched in culturally masculine terms and known as anagentic leadership style that disfavours women, who are often perceived as being communal leaderswho are compassionate and humble. The research gap addressed is whether communal and agenticleadership styles […]
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Number of women business owners in South Africa on the rise (EN)

Despite the gender gap and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, women in South Africa are making progress as entrepreneurs, indicating a strong will and determination to survive, according to transaction services multinational Mastercard’s Index of Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE). The MIWE highlights the vast socioeconomic contributions of women entrepreneurs across the world, provides insight on […]
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The global gender gap index 2020 (WEF)

Now in its 14th year, the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 benchmarks 153 countries on their progress towards gender parity in four dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival and Political Empowerment. In addition, this year’s report examines gender gap prospects in the professions of the future. The report presents a decidedly […]
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The future for women in business

By: Fast Futtures May 01, 2018 Source: https://www.startupdonut.co.uk/blog/18/05/future-for-women-business Every day in the news we see that women are succeeding in highlighting issues that hold them back and arguing for their rights. Ensuring a truly equal future for women has become a higher and higher priority among global challenges. Drawing on insights from our recent book The Future Reinvented […]
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FT top MBAs for women ranking 2018

By: Patricia Nilsson & Helen Barret  March 05, 2018 Source: https://www.ft.com/top-mbas-for-women

Are women paid less than men for the same work?

By:The Data Team August 01, 2017 Source: https://www.economist.com  

The 10 countries where it’s toughest to be born a girl (weforum)

By: Stephanie Thomson September 21, 2016 Source:  http://www.weforum.org

Women spend twice as much time on housework as men: Here’s how we can end this inequality (Weforum)

By: Leah Ruppanner June 01, 2016 Source: https://www.weforum.org

In which countries do women outlive men by more than a decade? (Weforum)

By: Rosamond Hutt May 20, 2016 Source: http://www.weforum.org

Where are the women in tech? 3 charts that reveal the gender gap

By: Emma Luxton April 28, 2016 Source: https://www.weforum.org