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Job creation and local economic development 2020: Rebuilding better (OECD)

The OECD has just published the report “Job Creation and Local Economic Development 2020: Rebuilding Better.“ The impact of COVID-19 on local jobs and workers dwarfs those of the 2008 global financial crisis. The 2020 edition of Job Creation and Local Economic Development considers the short-term impacts on local labour markets as well as the longer-term implications […]
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International compedium of entrepreneurship policies (OECD)

The OECD has just published: “International Compendium of Entrepreneurship Policies.”  It is increasingly understood that entrepreneurship plays a critical role in economic growth and well-being. But which policies can governments develop to release its benefits? This publication offers guidance and inspiration.  It identifies the range of entrepreneurship policies being pursued internationally, the problems the policies seek to […]
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New Africa: From Growth to Jobs – IGD

New Africa: From Growth to Jobs, a report launched recently by IGD and Business Action for Africa, makes the case that Africa is open for business. GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight: Initiative for Global Development –  See on http://www.igdleaders.org