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East Africa: The next hub for apparel sourcing? (McKinsey&Company)

by Achim Berg, Saskia Hedrich, and Bill Russo Source: McKinsey, August 2015 “East African countries—in particular, Ethiopia and Kenya—have the potential to become bigger players in garment manufacturing.” Source: McKinsey&Company

Phenomenal Growth Expected In Nairobi’s Commercial Real Estate Market

AFRICANGLOBE – Kenya’s capital Nairobi will continue to experience “phenomenal” growth in the commercial real estate market as the entry of multinationals, growth of local enterprises and an expanded government push demand for office space. GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight: Nairobi–  “One such investor is London-based private equity firm Actis which expanded its Nairobi Business Park […]
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Smart money is on East African growth

Michael Power argues that the industrialisation of Africa will be led by East Africa, not by SA or Nigeria GIBS Information Centre / GIBSIC‘s insight: East Africa n-  “Africa’s new economy is taking root in Eastern Africa, with Kenya and Ethiopia at the forefront and Tanzania and Uganda reinforcing this emerging regional cluster of more […]
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