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7 ways to go from a boss to a leader (Entrepreneurship.com)

By: Gina Folk May 01, 2015 Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245692 Many people view the terms “boss” and “leader” as interchangeable — but they are vastly different. To determine which one you are, I encourage you to honestly answer this question: Do you: a) see your team members as an aggravating necessity that you have to put up with in […]
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One of our top MBA theses on leadership development (UP Space)

Leadership development for general management  By: David Marais Source: http://repository.up.ac.za/handle/2263/44026  November 10, 2015 Abstract: Leadership effectiveness, and how it affects organisational performance, is a much researched area of interest. This study focuses on those leadership skills and behaviours that possibly could increase leadership effectiveness at the senior level of leadership. This is a qualitative research project […]
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What millennials want from work, charted across the world (Harvard Business Review)

By Henrik Bresman Source:  https://hbr.org/2015/02/what-millennials-want-from-work-charted-across-the-world? utm_campaign=Socialflow&utm_source=Socialflow&utm_medium=Tweet  February 23, 2015