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Four marketing trends businesses should explore in 2022 (MU)

With every new year comes new consumer spending habits, making it increasingly important for businesses to adapt and stay relevant to their customers, says Grant Kruger, business lead of ID / IT/ solar at LG South Africa. Kruger adds that the pandemic has certainly set the trend across the retail industry and will likely continue […]
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2020 Global marketing trends (Deloitte)

We are living in an era of unprecedented technological innovation. No matter which era we live in or the technology it brings forth, the human remains constant throughout this relay of revolutions. We set out to explore how brands can navigate the increasingly digitized business, economic, and social environment in a way that helps preserve—and […]
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Content marketing: understanding its role, value and ROI

By: Jim Yu  February 01, 2016 Source: https://searchenginewatch.com