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Leadership lessons for hard times (McKinsey & Company)

During the current global recession, much attention has been devoted to the mistakes that sparked the financial and economic crisis, in hopes of not repeating them. Less has been given to what’s been done well amid the turmoil—to learn, for example, how best to lead a company through these tough times. To contribute to that understanding, […]
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3 Signs that your workplace culture will bring better business results (Inc)

By Marchel Schwantes For years, executives and HR chiefs have known that a healthy workplace means more satisfied employees, which also means higher productivity. But just how do you define a “healthy” workplace? According to a study by the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy workplace is one in which workers and managers collaborate to continually protect and promote the health, […]
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New study reveals 4 trends that are affecting the happiness of your employees (Inc)

By Marcel Schwantes Traditional office dynamics have changed drastically in recent years, but some barriers remain steadfast, like the role of the chief executive officer. While today’s CEOs have evolved the conventional power dynamics between the C-suite and the other employees have made minimal progress. The CEO is seen as the face of the company […]
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