7 hot freelancing businesses for Mompreneurs (Project Eve)

By Liesha Petrovich

Source: http://www.projecteve.com February 2, 2015

Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? When you had your first child, you wanted to be the best mom on the planet. But that didn’t mean you gave up your dreams or ambitions for an amazing career. Being a freelancer gives you the opportunity to do both well.  It gives you the flexibility to work from home and set your own hours, and freelancing lets you spend more time with your family.

  1. Writing & Editing

Copywriting, blogging, content/article writing, and editing are all hot jobs right now. You don’t need a degree in English or journalism. But you do need to be a decent writer. Plus, you can start building your writing portfolio by writing free articles or blog posts for other business owners.

There is an endless supply of writing topics – kids, pets, cooking, sports, current events, business, local events, health, fitness, etc…basically every topic on the planet.  If you’ve got a passion for something, try writing about it. It may be the best freelance option for you.

  1. IT & Web Design

If you’re technically savvy, you could consider freelancing as a web designer or IT consultant. You don’t need a college degree to get started, but you do need to know your stuff. Check out local adult education classes or take an online class. Depending on your skills, this type of freelancer can charge a premium for their services.

  1. Feel-Good Services

If you love helping people feel better, learning a “feel-good” trade may be right up your alley. Massages, facials, nails, hair and other beauty services can all be freelanced out of your home. Plus, spiritual and energy services, like Reiki, angel readings, and meditation. You don’t need a college education for most of these services, but look up the requirements for your state as you’ll probably need certification to get started. Although it takes time to build a clientele, helping people feel good about themselves is a great way to spend your days.

  1. Business Support Services

There are millions of small businesses out there, and many don’t have the time to manage their business. Think of all the plumbers, electricians, and contractors out there. They’re great at their job, but they may not have the time for paperwork – and they’ll pay you to do it for them. Business support freelancers may take phone calls, set appointments, run errands, etc. Think freelance business administration services. If you’re great at organization, it’s a good option.

  1. Marketing

Ready to channel your inner Don Draper? You do need some experience and a strong background in marketing to pull this one off. But it can be a very profitable freelancing gig. If you have a degree in marketing and some credible experience, it’s an easy jump into freelance marketing. The term marketing covers everything from advertising and market research, to social media management and sales copy writing. If you left the corporate marketing world, simple enter the freelance marketing world.

  1. Coaching

From lifestyle coach to fitness, coaching is a great freelancing job. It’s basically the same thing as being a consultant, but more hands on. Think about your areas of expertise – cooking, organizing, couponing, etc…they can all be turned into coaching jobs. Like the “feel good” services, you may need some certifications to get started. But coaching people how to improve their lives and solve their problems can be an extremely rewarding job.

  1. Art: Graphic Design & Photography

This is probably the best example of turning a hobby into a “real” job. You don’t need to go to art school, you just have to be great at it. You could design logos, graphics, and advertisements for businesses. You could also set up a photography studio in your home. Or you could take pictures for a business, like realtors or newspapers. The options here are endless. The most important thing is to build a credible portfolio to showcase your skills, and let potential clients know how talented you are.

Full-Time or Part-Time – It’s Up to You!

Whatever your situation, freelancing lets you control how much you work. You can choose to jump into a freelancing business full speed ahead – and work your b**t off to turn it into a full-time job. Or you can start small and part-time. Maybe only a few hours a week. But the choice is up to you. I wrote Unemployed? Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties and Work for Yourself to show women that they have choices. It’s the same exact thing in freelancing. If you want an amazing career, while being the best mom you can be, consider starting a freelance business. Maybe you can’t have it all – but freelancing lets you be the captain of your own ship.

And you can’t ask for anything better than that.