How to be highly successful and unstoppable

by Jack Kelly

To get ahead in your career or seek out a new job, you need a high level of self-confidence. You have a couple of options, including dedicating months to absorbing dozens of self-help books, spending a small fortune on a career and life coach, giving up because it’s too hard or simply following this easy to-do checklist:

  1. Turn off the television.
  2. Put down your phone.
  3. Set goals, write them down and work toward manifesting and achieving them every single damn day.
  4. Keep physically, mentally and emotionally fit to power through the tough times.
  5. It’s okay to be afraid; just keep moving forward anyway.
  6. Never stop, never quit and never give up.
  7. Surround yourself with smart, positive, upbeat and enthusiastic people.
  8. Always stay alert and keep your eyes and ears open to learn about the next great opportunity.
  9. Keep things in perspective. Don’t fret over the small stuff. Appreciate all the good things in your life.
  10. Focus on the one or two things that you excel at and delegate the rest to others.
  11. Don’t get distracted by chasing everything and end up accomplishing nothing.
  12. Things change and you need to be flexible and adapt instead of bemoaning your fate.
  13. Eat the frog first—which is a gross adage for accomplishing the worst task of the day first to get it out of the way, so it doesn’t loom over your head.
  14. To succeed, you can’t take the whole weekend off. In fact, you have to put in more quality hours than everyone else.
  15. Sunday nights are for proactive planning and not watching football or Netflix.
  16. Seek advice from people at all levels—from CEOs to mail-room personnel.
  17. Actually listen to people when they talk.
  18. Remain positive and upbeat, no matter what happens (you can give yourself an exemption for things like serious, family health issues).
  19. Push out the negative self-talk and replace it with positive mantras. This is something that you may have to do all throughout the day.
  20. Be hyper-focused and relentless in pursuing your goals.

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