8 Tips to lead the next generation (WEForum)

by Waida Ait Hamza

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution changing the way we work and live and a new generation entering the workforce, we must redefine what it means to be a leader.

The new generation who is joining the job market for the first time is very different from the baby boomers or even the millennials. They care more about having a sense of purpose and having a positive impact on society and the environment. Youth’s desire to contribute to improve the state of the world will have to be matched with leaders who are capable of dealing with VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Here are eight traits needed in modern leaders

1. Have a clear vision

Not all managers are leaders, and not all leaders are managers. The main difference between the two categories is that managers have objectives, while leaders have a vision. In general, managers are selected to manage people and de facto become the boss, usually because they excelled in doing the work they were trained for. However, they are not necessarily trained for job of leading people

2. Be proactive

A few years ago, leaders had the luxury to wait to get at least 80% of the necessary information before taking decisions. Unfortunately, this has become impossible with the amount of information around us today. Today, leaders can’t afford to wait for the relevant needed information; they must be prepared to act with what information they can gather. Leaders who are not afraid of leading in ambiguity while supporting their teams in order can deliver success.

3. Develop your team

More than 70% of a leader’s time should be spent in managing people and finding ways to develop them. Simon Sinek in one of his talks shared that “Leaders are concerned about their status or position within the organisation that they forget their real job. Their real job is not being in charge but taking care of those in our charge

4. Mentor your successor

It is often believed that if managers are doing a good job, then they should stay in the same position forever. Managers often thus maintain the status quo, which is not acceptable in today’s world. Innovation, creativity and agility are the core business of a manager.

5. Create a safe space

It is important to build a safe space for the whole team, a space where everyone is valued and where they can feel true to themselves. It is the duty of leaders to create a safe space where their colleagues are not afraid to share their disagreement and are allowed to challenge the leaders.

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