Shortage of gas could derail SA’s plans to decarbonise (News24)

Gas will play a critical role in South Africa’s strategy to achieve net-zero emissions, according to a study. However, South Africa’s major supplier of gas, Pande-Temane, will face constraints from 2025 due to declining reserves. This threatens the country’s decarbonisation strategy if no alternative gas supplies can be sourced.

While gas is set to play a major role in South Africa’s path to net-zero emissions, a study shows that a lack of supply threatens the country’s decarbonisation strategy. The National Business Initiative, Business Unity South Africa and the Boston Consulting Group’s research paper, The role of gas in South Africa’s path to net-zero, was released this week. It unpacks the impact of including gas in the country’s plans to reduce emissions from carbon-heavy sectors such as electricity, transport and industrial. Click here to read full article