Education, agricultural productivity, ECD and service delivery can reduce inequality in Southern Africa (EN)

The report posits four main policy areas that must be accelerated to reduce inequality.

The first is promoting equality of opportunity. Improving the efficiency and inclusivity of public service delivery can help equalize opportunities, the report notes. The second policy area is addressing the highly skewed distribution of productive assets. Generating jobs for the growing workforce and resolving the excessive segmentation of Sacu labour markets are key to reducing unemployment and inequality, the report highlights. The third suggested policy focus area is enhancing the impact of fiscal policy on inequality by improving the equity and efficiency of social spending. Improving the efficiency of social assistance is important for reducing inequality, especially in Botswana, eSwatini, Lesotho and Namibia. The fourth policy area is strengthening resilience to climate change risks and economic shocks. Enacting measures to mitigate and adapt to water scarcity is vital for building people’s resilience against climate shocks. Click here to read full article