Europe’s quest for energy sources is fuelling poverty and green colonialism in Africa (DM)

Communities that are home to Africa’s oil and gas projects always suffer. They lose land, they lose sea resources, and they see lots of machines and equipment come into their communities and change their way of life forever while all the money flows to capital cities. The global energy market has been upended after the European Union (EU) took the decisive step to wean itself off Russian gas, oil and coal. The July decision by the EU to define natural gas and nuclear power as “green” or “sustainable” sources of energy further lifted African leaders’ spirits as they could finally attract funding for their big projects. The decisions made at COP26 to curb methane emissions and keep coal and gas in the ground have been dumped by the wayside. Nobody seems to care any more. However, is the scramble for African energy really going to improve lives in Africa in any significant way? Click here to read full article

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