New GIBS article: Future-fit leadership By Abdullah Verachia

When the entire planet comes to a standstill because of a virus, and a war on the other side of the globe deepens the economic slump in Africa, leaders must adjust rapidly. What used to work previously is no longer fit for purpose. Companies need ‘future-fit’ leaders to help unlock new value and future-proof their businesses. As recent global events show, knowing how to navigate simultaneous or overlapping crises has become paramount. The World Economic Forum even declared 2023 as the year of the ‘polycrisis’. In South Africa, business leaders have to deal with the aftermath of the Covid pandemic and the ripple effects of the Ukraine conflict, which include rising inflation and interest rates, while also tackling the impacts of climate change and extreme weather (drought, flood, fire) along with social issues and worsening electricity blackouts. Click here to read full article