Bringing regenerative agriculture to Africa: Kenyan farmers are enthusiastic but need better packaged info – new report (AFN)

Regenerative agriculture is a common term among farmers in the global north today. A wide range of investors, corporations and innovations are all vying to play a role in the transition of the world’s acres to a method of farming that’s mooted to be able to improve soil health, increase yields long term, reverse desertification, protect biodiversity, sequester carbon and otherwise reduce the negative externalities of conventional, synthetic and chemical input-based agriculture.

In the global south, where farmers have not had the same access to high quality, and potentially damaging, fertilizers and pesticides, the regenerative agriculture movement has been slower. It’s also likely that in the absence of these inputs, several farmers may already be farming somewhat regeneratively, a farming approach and set of practices that indigenous populations have used across the globe for thousands of years. Click here to read full article