How to write effective prompts for ChatGPT: 7 Essential Steps for best results (Forbes)

Without knowing how to prompt ChatGPT effectively it will remain a novelty tool with no real value. You’ll create generic mediocrity, not masterpieces worthy of sharing. You’ll waste more time than you save. The novelty factor will soon wear off and you’ll be back at the drawing board running your business the manual way. What’s the alternative? Learn how to prompt effectively. Lucas Pimentel is an AI developer and self-confessed “prompt junkie” who publicly builds apps with artificial intelligence to solve real business problems. He tweets about AI, prompting and solopreneurship and releases guides to ChatGPT prompting to help others do the same. Pimentel suggested that “creating good prompts is easy when you follow the right framework and take out the guesswork,” leading to reliable ways to automate tasks. Click here to read the full article

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