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Climate change (WHO)

Overview Climate change presents a fundamental threat to human health. It affects the physical environment as well as all aspects of both natural and human systems – including social and economic conditions and the functioning of health systems. It is therefore a threat multiplier, undermining and potentially reversing decades of health progress. As climatic conditions […]
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How to help smallholder farmers fight climate change (DM)

In response to these and other challenges that farmers said they face, the University of KwaZulu-Natal designed a training programme on climate-smart agriculture. The first method that farmers learned and practised was the use of the A-frame to mark and plant, following horizontal or contour lines, and the digging of trenches to keep water underground […]
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Here’s How Climate Change Crisis Could Impact Business Operations and Policies In 2022 (Forbes)

The climate change crisis, which continues to worsen is expected to have a greater impact on the operations and policies of companies during cryptocurrencies this year. Here’s how experts and observers think that will happen. More Pressure to Decarbonize Operations Pamela Chasek is a political science professor at Manhattan College where she chairs the political science […]
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