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How to apply emotional intelligence to your leadership (Inc)

By Maya Hu-Chan   When it comes to building strong, lasting relationships with clients and team members, it’s time to start thinking like CEOs but under a different definition: Chief Emotional Officers.   We business leaders are often trained to focus on data, numbers, and “hard skills.” As leaders, we must equally engage our other skill sets, to focus […]
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5 Skills every employee should have or acquire ahead of 2020 (HRDailyAdvisor)

In today’s workforce, upskilling employees is necessary and unavoidable if you want your organization to remain competitive and profitable. As you upskill your own employees or begin to hire more employees, here are five skills you’ll want to make sure they have. 1. Emotional Intelligence Skills According to a Career Builder survey, 71% of employers […]
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3 Small things you can do every day to boost your EQ (Inc)

You know how to get smarter  — you read do puzzles, talk to smart people, etc. — but how do you become nicer and more empathetic Experts tell us that it’s actually easier and more impactful to boost EQ than it is to boost IQ. Yet because we spend 12+ years in school learning to maximize our intelligence, […]
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7 Emotionally intelligent ways to deliver really bad news (Discover Magazine)

Ever wonder how to pass upsetting information onto those you don’t want to tell it to? If you’re a leader, you know what I’m talking about. Management has decided to close a factory in Cleveland and move production overseas. Budget cuts are going to require a 10 percent reduction in the workforce. The company missed its revenue […]
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Emotional Intelligence (EI) – new skill & habit to develop (Linkeldin )

What is it all about ? Understanding and Observing our own/others emotions to achieve goal. Why is it so important now ? As per recent research its found that the knowledge which we gain through education/profession is somehow detached with the emotions and thus we all often fail to reach goals…both personal and professional…of course […]
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The top complaints from employees about their leaders (Harvard Business Review)

By: Lou Solomon Source: http://s.hbr.org/1QU8CVI June 24, 2015