Emotional Intelligence (EI) – new skill & habit to develop (Linkeldin )

What is it all about ?

Understanding and Observing our own/others emotions to achieve goal.

Why is it so important now ?

As per recent research its found that the knowledge which we gain through education/profession is somehow detached with the emotions and thus we all often fail to reach goals…both personal and professional…of course it effects individuals and Organizations as a whole. Recently top companies are now using combination of AI with emotional feed as a tool to interview applicants.  According to recent study the contents in the resume/cv are no longer relevant and cannot justify how a person can perform in the future. If there is an possibility to evaluate a person on behavior based assessment like how a person behaves in stressful condition or when defeated …..it will be more useful for the organization which is hiring this person. Pymetrics is a good example, lot of top companies are slowly moving from scanning of hundreds of profiles to usage of AI+emotional traits to evaluate job seekers. Pymetrics is a new, game-based recruiting tool that assesses the strengths of candidates and recommends the right careers and companies for them. The pymetrics games were created based on decades of well-established neuroscience research. They assess fifty key cognitive and emotional traits.

Indications of low EI:

– Can’t let go of mistakes.

– Getting stressed easily.

– Problem in accepting mistakes.

– Easily getting offended.

– Listens less and talk more

Some changes to improve EI:

– Tuning mind set “It’s ok… everyone doesn’t have to accept me”

– Walk in other persons shoes…before judging other person

– Always have Plan B and C as well 🙂

– Stick to truth…though you are rejected

– If you follow these , improvements can be found easily

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