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One of our best 2016 MBA theses on digitisation

Digitisation of self-service channels in emerging markets as a growth strategy By: Subban Prian 2017 Source:  http://hdl.handle.net/2263/59781 ABSTRACT: A lower cost of acquisition and cost of servicing consumers in emerging markets equates to economic benefit for organisations using digital self-service channels as a platform for consumer engagement. The challenge faced by these companies is the […]
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7 key steps to a growth strategy that works immediately (entrepreneur.com)

By: Rob Biederman January 29, 2015 Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240853 If only half of startups survive more than five years and only one-third make it to 10, what’s the one thing you could do to ensure your company is sustainable? The answer is to create a growth strategy for your business, of course. A growth strategy involves more than […]
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3 ways to turn “untouchable” millennials into disciples (Entrepreneur.com)

By: Stew Friedman January 14, 2016 Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/253854 I’ve heard all the naysaying about millennials, and you probably have too. “They’re lazy.” “They want everything hand-fed to them.” “They’re entitled.” But maybe more than any single complaint, I’ve heard that they are unteachable. My experience, however, has been quite the opposite. My team at Vanderbloemen […]
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The new rules for growing outside your core business (Harvard Business Review)

By Chris Zook Source: s.hbr.org/1ESyVnN May 4, 2015