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Igniting individual purpose in times of crisis (McKinsey)

By Naina Dhingra, Jonathan Emmett, Andrew Samo, and  Bill Schaniger In these stressful, surreal times, it’s understandable for CEOs to fixate on urgent corporate priorities at the expense of more intangible, personal considerations. How important is getting your people to think about their “purpose in life” right now when you’re worried about their well-being—not to mention […]
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How to apply emotional intelligence to your leadership (Inc)

By Maya Hu-Chan   When it comes to building strong, lasting relationships with clients and team members, it’s time to start thinking like CEOs but under a different definition: Chief Emotional Officers.   We business leaders are often trained to focus on data, numbers, and “hard skills.” As leaders, we must equally engage our other skill sets, to focus […]
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3 questions to ask to determine if you are a good leader (Entrepreneur.com)

By: Deborah Mitchell  January 26, 2015 Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/242095 As an entrepreneur, what is your leadership style? I’ve worked for a variety of bosses over the years, all with very different personalities and leadership styles. Some were obsessive micromanagers while others were hands off and provided no guidance as a manager, leaving me to figure out […]
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Which countries have the boldest business leaders?(Weforum)

By: Joe Myers April 25, 2016 Source: https://www.weforum.org  

Does where you’re from affect your leadership style?

By: Joe Myers  February 05, 2016 Source: http://www.weforum.org

Which degree will make you a better leader?

By: Joe Myers April 28, 2016 Source:  https://www.weforum.org

Knowledge is power – and probably a promotion too (Weforum)

By: Joe Myers March 01, 2016 Source: https://www.weforum.org    

Creating better business leaders: 10 tips (ProjectEve)

By: Stephen Ball April 26, 2015 Source: http://www.projecteve.com/creating-better-business-leaders-10-tips/ Leaders make businesses and without them it’s hard for a company to be productive and a leader itself. So, we’ve compiled a list of ten important tips for leaders hoping to make an impression. Take a look below: Creating Better Business Leaders Tip #1:  Lead by example. The best leaders show […]
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