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3 Proven ways to motivate yourself right now (Inc)

By Cathy Huyghe If the grind of working from home has ground down your remaining stores of motivation, you aren’t alone. Though remote working situations (and the positive benefit of them) aren’t new, the unprecedented layers of additional stress from the global pandemic can push you to your limits. Right now, you may need to actively work for your creativity, productivity, and overall […]
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How to return to the office (Forbes Africa)

Many employers should adopt a “hybrid” model of office work, with some employees in the office and others working remotely. Clearly communicate phased reopening plans with employees, especially new office protocols, such as testing and wearing masks.  What public experts say  Consider a staggered return. “Offices may consider starting slow by opening with fewer people […]
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How to hold remote workers accountable without micromanaging (Inc)

By Wade Foster In March, a viral leaked email from a Wall Street Journal manager instructed newly remote workers to keep managers informed if they’re “taking a break, conducting an interview, in a meeting, or will otherwise be unavailable for a while.” This is how you ruin remote work. Managers might as well ask to be informed every time an […]
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