3 Proven ways to motivate yourself right now (Inc)

By Cathy Huyghe

If the grind of working from home has ground down your remaining stores of motivation, you aren’t alone. Though remote working situations (and the positive benefit of them) aren’t new, the unprecedented layers of additional stress from the global pandemic can push you to your limits. Right now, you may need to actively work for your creativity, productivity, and overall chutzpah that’s required to do what you do best: innovate, and create value where there was none before. 

Here are three ways to replenish your entrepreneurial motivation, and get back to a productive flow even while working from home. 

  1. Believe the hype of adrenaline 

“Hype,” for me, has long been associated with adrenaline, and the quickest, safest rush of adrenaline is also the longest-ingrained in my physical and emotional muscles: a burst of exercise that activates multiple parts of my body and rushes the breath through my lungs. Immediately afterward, I’m hyped up. Literally. Juices are flowing, if only at first in the form of sweat on my face. 

I believe in the hype of adrenaline as a motivator, particularly when it’s initiated through physical exercise. That exercise is a reminder of what our bodies are capable of doing at the mental and physical levels. I feel gratitude afterward for those capabilities of the body, which segues easily to a less-stressful state of mind, which puts me back into a place of openness and creativity. 

With shelter-in-place regulations easing little by little, more of us will be able to stretch our legs (literally) in outdoor, open spaces at safe distances. That will help. In the meantime, experiment with old-fashioned core exercises like plank pose, Army push-ups, and burpees. They do the trick for me, every time. 

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