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New GIBS article: Social entrepreneurs’ learning experience in South African incubators by Aleia Bucci and Jonathan Marks

Africa’s strong entrepreneurial spirit and desire for social change has led to growth in social entrepreneurship and incubation throughout the continent. However, there is a limited understanding of how entrepreneurial learning occurs during incubation. This study explored social entrepreneurs’ learning experience in South African incubators. A phenomenological methodology provided a deeper understanding of their lived […]
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New GIBS case study: Mitti Cafe: Enabling disability inclusion in India through scalable business 

by Amy Moore and Tracey Toefy The case explores the development of MITTI Café, an organisation that trains and employs individuals with intellectual, physical and/or psychiatric disabilities to work in inclusive kitchens and cafes in India. The protagonist is the founder of the café, Alina Alam, who has won several international awards for her work. […]
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The disruptors: social entrepreneurs reinventing business and society.

by Kerryn Krige and Gus Silber Published by Bookstorm Can business change the world? Can the world change business? For a new breed of social entrepreneurs, striving to build and grow enterprises that fight social ills, foster opportunity, and help to improve society, the answer is not can, it’s must.