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Mandelanomics -” . . . a lot of formal and more importantly informal communication between Mandela himself and the business sector, he says.(Dr. Brand Pretorius) “Certainly at the time it was clear that he wanted to engage the business sector as a partner and because of his inclusive attitude he inspired confidence. The business sector therefore willingly played a very constructive role in the run-up to the first democratic election because it was clear that Mr Mandela had the interests of the country at heart, he wasn’t just serving narrow political interests,” he says.

Pretorius says Mandela behaved in a statesmen-like manner and put the interest of South Africa first, rather than just serving an ANC political agenda.

He also opened the door for business to engage the ANC’s executive committee in terms of economic policy, he says.

Weekend sessions that took place between ANC executive committee members and business leaders that was facilitated by Dr Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, also played an important role in boosting confidence and in convincing the business sector that they had to join hands willingly, Pretorius says.

“And then during his tenure as president he continued to play that role – he wasn’t distant, he was very accessible and he undoubtedly played an important role in facilitating discussions about long-term direction and policy.”

Pretorius says although Mandela’s main agenda was reconciliation, he definitely realised that economic prosperity was a critical success factor for the country and that business had an important role to play.

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