South Africa World’s Most Attractive Emerging Solar Energy Country …

In IHS’s Emerging PV Markets Attractiveness Index, South Africa scored 66 out of 100 for the fourth quarter of 2013, 17 points ahead of any of the competitors. 2014-01-24_South_Africa_Figure. “South Africa has consolidated …

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The IHS Index ranks the attractiveness of PV markets in emerging countries  for investors, developers, and manufacturers across four key  areas: macroeconomic climate, potential market size, project profitability  and pipeline maturity. As can be seen in the table below, South Africa ranked  well in each of the four categories.

Thailand and Turkey round out the top three, closely followed by Romania and  Mexico, all of whom are receiving focus from investors interested in their  growing markets. Berg points to Thailand’s adder scheme as one of the key points  of interest for investors in that country, and Turkey’s soaring power demand and  prices, established PV incentives, and relatively low country risk as critical  for investors.


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