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For every 100 people in rural India, there are more than 40 mobile-phone subscriptions (compared with 139 in the cities). Of the 900 million telecom subscriptions in India, 97% are mobile connections, according to Indian authorities.  –  The mobile brought disruptive change to an industry that’s rather old. India’s telecom sector is still governed by the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885. Landline phones grew from zero to 30 million in a century. Mobiles have grown from zero to 870 million in 18 years.

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  • India has the third-largest Internet population, after USA and China
  • 97% of India’s 900 million phones are mobile
  • Four of the 13 members of Google’s management team are of Indian origin
  • 70% of India’s $100bn information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry is made up of exports

India’s infotech industry isn’t as old as telecom, but it still clocks in at over three decades. The digital or web industry is much younger.

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